“If someone could call selling their soul to the devil a good day’s work, then Jack had earned himself a bonus.”

Out now: The Best Interest Standard

Falling on His Own

There’s a hole in the sun, and it is made of glass. Evgeni has spent his life trying to prove this theory. He only needs a sample taken from the sun’s surface to make everyone see that he is right. Easy. Now he just needs to find a way to let someone walk on theContinue reading “Falling on His Own”

What Brilliant Excess

She attunes to sandstone, the rock her third mother called the “early grave.” Kell-ja’s heart races as she draws breath. Mars is no place for mixing up attunements. Align your vertices the wrong way up and your gravity’s reversed. Or worse, turned inward. Have you ever spoken sandstone’s name and felt your stomach collapse intoContinue reading “What Brilliant Excess”

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